Belt Welding Kit

The perfect tool for welding polyurethane and rubber belts. For round, flat, or V-shaped belts. Comes with a plastic carrying case, adjustment jig, cutter, and welder.We also carry and custom make any size or shape belt.

When ordering specify type, length, and width of belt.

Made in USA.


A. YC-400 platinum crucible, 400 gr capacity (for CS-1 & Menfredi casting machines)
B. YC-600 platinum crucible, 600 gr capacity (for CS-2 casting machines)
C. YG-800 gold/silver crucible, 800 gr capacity (for CS-1 & CS-2 casting machines)
D. YC-300 platinum crucible, 300 gr capacity (for CS-1 & Menfredi casting machines)
E. CC-10 cover for YC-400, YC-800, YC-300
F. YC-150 platinum/titanium crucible, 150 gr capacity (for DS-1 & DS-2)
G. Yoshida ceramic platinum crucible, 150 gr capacity
H. CC-11 cover for YC-600
I. CC-12 half moon cover for YC-400, YG-800, YC-300
J. CC-13 half moon cover for YC-150

Air Filter and Dryer

Made in Japan of durable lightweight aluminum with polycarbonate filter bowls & metal bowl guards for trouble-free, long life operation in harsh environments, self-purging.

Lubricators & Air Regulators are also available

A. Air Filter (D-111) series features optimized internal flow paths to achieve high flow capacities to capture up to 1/4 micron of water condensation
B. Air filter dryer (D-112) is mounted in series with D-111 to capture up to 0 micron of water condensation

Indutherm Parts

A. Flask Gasket fd 100 graphite 169/110
B. Flask Gasket fd 100 silicon 169/111
C. Crucible shield OD=98 mm, DI=80 mm, L=140 mm
D. Grain Melting Crucible for 245 cm3 = 2.5 kg silver
E. Casting Crucible for 245 cm3 = 2.5 kg silver
F. Sealing Rod for graphite sealing balls
G. Thermocouple Cover
H. Graphite Balls
I. Sealing Rod with tapered end
J. Crucible bottom insulation
K. Crucible top insulation
L. Silicon sealing gasket for flangeless flasks
M. Thermocouple (1500ºC PtRh-Pt or 1200ºC NiCr-Ni)

Fittings and Hoses

  • Quick Disconnect Fittings available in 1/8″, 1/4″, 1/2″, 3/4″ and in different shapes
  • Other sizes and shapes are available upon request
  • Hoses available in 6 mm, 8 mm & 1/8″, 1/4″, 1/2″, 3/4″ and 1″. Please specify for gas, liquid or vacuum