Z-Tech Advanced Technologies, Inc. | Laser Accessories
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Laser Accessories

Leica Microscope
Nippon Optics Microscope
Nippon Optics RZ-6 Trinocular Microscope with CCD Camera
Leica Hi-res Microscope Camera
Sony Hi-res CCD Camera
XY Slide
Compact XY Slide
XYZ Slide
XYZ Slide and a Rotary Table
Rotary Table
Laser Marker Z-Axis
Crosshair Generator
Laboratory Jack
Tilting Head Microscope
Barcode Scanner
Laser Safety Glasses
Nippon optics 25 degree fixed wedge
Nippon optics 35 degree fixed wedge
Leica ergo 5~25 degree adjustable microscope wedge
Fume extractor
Argon regulator