Dental / Jewelry Tabletop Casting Machines

The MCM line represents a completely new concept of casting machines that combine powerful high-end technology, ease of handling, maximum safety, quality, and repeatability. World class true pressure over vacuum casting machines with high level of precision and speed.


Casting Capacity Power Supply Max Power Absorbed Max Power Output Weight
100g (Silver)
100g (18 kt Gold)
115g (Stainless Steel)
300g (Plantnium)
150g (Palladium)
115g (Non-Precious)
100g (Ceramic Alloy)
1ph 50/60Hz 230V 4kw 3.5kw 38kg (84lbs)



  • Power supply: 4kW, 60kHz, new microprocessor-control infinitely adjustable induction generator
  • Pressure over vacuum feature
  • Temperature control through NiCr-Ni thermocouple (1200ºC maximum) or PSA (2000ºC maximum) for platinum or stainless steel castings
  • Graphite crucible for silver,Gold casting
  • Flask sizes 30 mm , 55mm, or 80mm . flasks are used with an adapter
  • Flask tongs
  • 18.5 Dual stage Vaccum machine
  • RS232 for communication with a computer
  • Water cooled chamber
  • High temperature quartz crucible holder
  • Training DVD
  • One year warranty
  • Made in Germany