Z-Tech Advanced Technologies, Inc. | Diamond Processing (Polishing and Cutting)
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Diamond Processing (Polishing and Cutting)

Dops & Tangs

All types of pots for princess, baguette, emerald, marquise, and pear shape cuts are available.

A. Star Top Dop w/ Tang
B. Star Bottom Dop w/ Tang
C. Table Dop w/Tang
D. Girdle Dop w/Tang
E. Straight Finger
F. Bent Claws
G. Bent Finger

H. Copper Stalk
I. Star Dop Wrenches
J. Diamond Brass Pot
K. Brass Frame 10X Loupe
L. Table Glue (red or gray)
M. Top & Bottom Dops
N. Diamond Degreaser

Semi-Automatic Diamond Polishing Tangs

Now you can recut or repair your own stones precisely and accurately. Whatever your requirement whether it is top, bottom, star, or girdle tangs we guarantee the best quality.

A. Bottom-Top Tang
B. Girdle Tang

Drive System

Z-Tech Advanced Technologies drive system for grooving machines.

A. Torque Motor
B. Adjustable Motor Mount
C. Forward/Reverse Switch
D. 2.5″ Accurately Balanced Pulley
E. 5.25″ Accurately Balanced Pulley

Polishing Mills


  • Spindle Drive System
  • SKF High Tolerance Bearings
  • 2500 Lbs Load Rating
  • Stainless Steel Leveling Mount
  • One year warranty
  • Made in USA

Built to last!

Diamond Wheels

Z-Tech Advanced Technologies diamond impregnated polishing wheel

Developed in order to polish hard and difficult to cut stone. No diamond powder charging required. Produces mirror finish polish. Made in Germany.

Two types available:

  • 1200 carats x 2.5mm x 35mm
  • 1500 carats x 3.0mm x 35mm

Roundest Machine

Z-Tech Advanced Technologies roundest machine was specifically designed in order to polish the girdle on round or square stones. It’s also capable of shaping special cuts used in the application of invisible set jewelry as well as tapering and squaring. It comes standard with spindle, polishing wheel, motor w/ pulley and a set of various size pins. Required few minutes of training.


  • Spindle Drive System
  • SKF High Tolerance Bearings
  • 2500 Lbs Load Rating
  • Stainless Steel Leveling Mount
  • One year warranty
  • Made in USA

A. Roundest Machine
B. Spindle
C. Spindel Wrench
D. Diamond grinding wheel

Single Head Girdling Machine

Z-Tech Advanced Technologies single head girdling machine – double ball bearing spindle used for rounding rough diamond

A. Single Head girdling machine
B. Mallets
C. Electric girdling stick
D. Wooden girdling stick
E. Girdling dops (various size)

Double Head Girdling Machine

Z-Tech Advanced Technologies double head girdling machine – used in high production shops for girdling medium to small size stones. Quick release and mounting of stones feature. Highly accurate with +/- 10 microns.

Made in the USA