The standard of excellence and reliability is in our genes. Every step of manufacturing is monitored and tracked for quality assurance. The process of quality control starts at the component level all the way to the shipping department, insuring our customers receive a quality, robust, and trouble free laser processing machines all the time.

Z-Tech Advanced Technologies lasers are superbly hand crafted in the United States of America utilizing the best components available. Providing uncommon quality, reliability and service is and will always be the core foundation of our company’s principle.

By adhering vigorously to our 10 principles of quality control:

  • Simplicity of design (Modular design)
  • Organized and neat engineering (Ease of trouble shooting)
  • Triple quality checks (Three quality check charts are kept and compared)
  • Responsible production team (Every component is initialed and dated by the production personnel)
  • Communication and cooperation (All departments communicate daily to keep up with production)
  • Flexible manufacturing (Components can be switched among our line of machines for quick turnaround)
  • Observing delivery time (Fully stocked warehouse allowing for a quick parts and service support)
  • Clear and focused objectives (We plan to stay in business for a very long time therefore we build our lasers to last)
  • Continuous improvements (Our R&D labs are always working to stay ahead by developing superior and intelligent products)
  • Quality components (Superior components translates to a superior products)

This continuous process of quality control reflects our commitment to keep our customers satisfied and their expectations fulfilled. That is our pledge to our customers.