Grooving Tools

Grooving Wheel Sharpening Systems

This system was developed with our distant customers in mind. Now you can regrind your grooving wheels in house. It is also capable of repairing chipped or broken wheels. Made in the USA.

A. OD Repair Kit
B. Profile Repair Kit w/ Table & Motor

Diamond Sawing Machine


  • Graphite vee block bearings for spindle with cylindrical shafts
  • Cross slide movement at back side
  • Spare parts for sawing machines are available in stock

Diamond Grooving Wheels

Z-Tech Advanced Technologies manufactures a large number of high quality diamond, CBN and ceramic sintered wheels. Blades are custom-made to customer specification. Blades are made with combined angles from 10º thru 180º. We offer blade sharpening service. Great savings with our prepaid discount cards. Call for details.

Diamond and Color Stone Grooving Pins

Z-Tech Advanced Technologies manufactures a large number of standard and special pins used in the application of invisible set jewelry. We custom make pins to customer specification in any size or angle.

A. Baguette Pins (all sizes & shapes)
B. Female Special Pins
C. Male Special Pins
D. Standard Male Pins (3º), Standard Female Pins (3º), Standard Female Pins (2º), Standard Male Pins (2º)
E. Pin Wrench

Depth Indicator Gages

Now you can groove your stones to the same depth every time! Two models to choose from a dial indicator gage and digital indicator gage.

A. Dial Indicator Gage 0-1″
B. Digital Indicator Gage 0-1/2″ & 0-12.7mm

Graphite Bearings

Two types of graphite bearings. Non-lubricated and lubricated maintenance-free metallic type to choose from.

A. Non-Metallic Graphite V Blocks
B. Metallic Graphite V Blocks