Sales & Services

Customer Service & Support

Service is a distinguishing mark of a company’s commit- ment to its customers and to a long term growth and prosperity. It is a fact that different customers may require different and personalized service and support during the life of their laser equipment. All Z-Tech Advanced Technologies Inc. sales force as well as technical service and support personnel go through intense training programs in the field of optics, mechanics, and electronics for a minimum period of one year. In addition they spend considerable time working on the assembly line giving them the ability to understand the equipment they will be selling, servicing and supporting at an astronomical level. These capabilities will allow them to reduce the down time for our customers leading to a reduced total cost and return to normal operating efficiency with the least amount of time.

TeleTech™ Service and Support

Z-Tech Advanced Technologies Inc. offers integrated world- wide technical support and software updates via remote internal modem as well as TeleTech™ support service, error diagnostics and trouble shooting. Experienced service technicians handle phone technical service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to answer any questions you may have. They can also conduct a diagnostic check via remote modem regardless of the equipment location and review operational history, down load memory description and parameters, password lockout parameter controls, trouble shoot and offer software upgrades to our customers, and communicate remotely and isolate a fault source. Diagnostics via internal modem is available on most of our laser welding machines. This gives our customers an edge by pinpointing the exact source of the fault eliminating the guess work of testing multiple components to arrive to a correct diagnosis easily and quickly minimizing down time of the machine.

Smart Electronics™

Z-Tech Advanced Technologies Inc. spent several years designing a new generation of modular electronics that can aid in self diagnostics down to the component level. This new generation of electronic PCB boards, controllers, and high voltage power supplies are easily removed and replaced by new parts in the event of a failure unlike other manufacturer’s laser designs where the customer has to replace a complete electronics rack instead of changing a single component making our laser equipment easy to maintain at a minimum cost. This will help our customers resolve any problem and get them back to normal production as quickly as possible.