Z-Tech Advanced Technologies, Inc. offers the most comprehensive and technologically advanced training for all our lasers and processes available today. Our training programs are designed to build a solid foundation that will cover both theoretical  fundamentals and hands on training that will translate to revenue gains.

Our trainers will cover all the steps needed to identify different alloys, and how to weld them including the benefits of using our proprietary Automated Pulse Modulation™ (APM), techniques on the process of adding filler wire, how to weld next to or on heat sensitive materials such as gemstones in the jewelry trade or thin edges of hot runners in the mold or tool and die industry without altering the Rockwell hardness or creating heat sink to name a few examples. We teach hand-eye coordination and angle of weld positioning, the application and use of inert gas for reactive or non-reactive metals, fixturture tooling and automation.

Training always takes place at the customer’s location and on the machine they had purchased for the simple reason, the customer always learns better under his/her own roof. No need to leave their business, and stay in a hotel far from home. Our trainers will explain how to use, program, and weld on actual jobs that will be finished and tested immediately after welding eliminating the guess work on whether or not the weld was successful. Above all a two days training session is always included with the purchase of any of our new welding machines at no additional cost to our customer.

Quality training means that our customers are satisfied and that their expectations are met. We ensure this by the systematic and integrated quality training awareness of our expert field training personnel and a good creative company policy. This also means to continuously control and improve products and processes.